Do you ever wonder

how those other crafters manage to make all those amazing crafts with their Cricut and your stuff still looks too simple? Read every word on this page...

The battle isn't taking the Cricut machine out of the box. 

It's what do we do AFTER we get it out of the box that's the problem?

So, you pull out that glorious machine and then stare at it thinking " do I work this thing?". 

Then you open up that crazy software that tells the bug what to do. 

Design Space looks so complicated...

  • "how do you upload fonts without paying for them"
  • "what does it mean to "weld" something?"
  • "why does the scoreline keep moving to the top corner of the mat?"

Who designed this stuff? Some nerdy tech who doesn't speak craft language.

How many hours have you spent flipping through YouTube videos trying to figure this out?

Sure there is TONs of information out there about Cricut. For free. IF you have time to fast forward through all the fluff (think idle chatter at the beginning of a video that was recorded live...and they spend 20 minutes thanking everyone who joined).

The Truth is Your Time is Valuable

Video tutorials should get right to the point, so you can get crafting. Show you how the tool or button works. That way you can spend your time actually crafting and putting what you learned into practice.
cards and cricut tools with cricut machine

How many times have you gone searching for a tutorial that shows you how to use a script font? After you were totally frustrated by the one you uploaded and all the letters were miles apart on the canvas.

And what the heck does CONTOUR really do?

All your questions and ones you haven't had yet will be covered in this course. Check out the contents below. Each heading is set up to make it easy for you to find. Just like a book with a table of contents. 

Don't waste your precious craft time playing video detective.

Fun Extras

Play along with the lessons by uploading the same files used in the videos.

  • Kawaii Sushi Clipart

    The full set of print and cut designs in both color and black and white. Use them for planner stickers, scrapbook pages, or printable vinyl.

  • Harvest Card

    A retro truck bed and pumpkins on a z-fold card base. Use the paper pieced designs separately. Or the card base to create a whole new card!

  • Fairy Card

    Print and cut fairy card with toadstools and greetings. Quick and easy projects to use with your new machine.

What other crafters are saying...

Newest Users Can Understand


I have only found two sites that explain things so that, even the newest Cricut user can understand; and is one of them. Thanks for your ausome tutorials and videos.

Don't go down that rabbit hole...

Use your craft time wisely.

There are over 2.5 hours of no-fluff video instruction in this course. You won't end up binge-watching videos on making a resin tumbler when you really were looking up how to weld a script font.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Cricut Design Space for Desktop

  • 2

    The Cricut Work Space

  • 3



    • Top Bar Menu


    • Editing Menu

    • Font Tools

    • Using Fonts and Working with Text

  • 4


    • LEFT PANEL - Shapes, Images, and Templates

    • Left Panel Tools

  • 5


    • RIGHT PANEL - All the Layers and More Tools

    • Right Panel Tools

    • Contour Tool

  • 6


    • Uploading JPG and PNG Files

    • Uploading SVG Files

    • Fairy Toadstool Print and Cut Card

    • Harvest Truck Z-Card SVG

    • Prepping SVG Files

    • Sushi Clipart

  • 7


    • Tips and Tricks for Cricut Design Space

    • Saving Custom Materials and Settings

    • Trouble Shooting Your Machine

  • 8



  • How long do I have to finish the course?

    You have access to this course anytime you want it. Take as long as you need to work through the material. Come back and refresh if you need to.

  • What can I make with this?

    While the sky is the limit, you will definitely be able to make craft projects with paper and vinyl (as well as the fun files that are included in the course: Harvest Truck, Fairy Toadstool Printable, and Sushi Clipart).

  • I don't have Cricut Access, do I need it?

    Everything that is discussed in the course is done WITHOUT Cricut Access. You don't need to subscribe to Access if you don't want to. It isn't required.

  • What if I have questions or need clarification?

    Once you buy this course, you also have access to my email. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. I will always answer them to the best of my ability (or help you find an answer if I don't know it). You can also join the Facebook group and ask your question there.

  • Can I get a refund?

    This course is digital all digital and includes digital files for download. Due to the content and format, all sales are final.